Sunday, January 31, 2010

Viral Emails Follow-up

The very day I posted the previous piece, I got another viral anti-Obama email claiming that he was trying to force our troops to buy their own insurance to cover their wounds and basic health care. The email included two quotes attributed to Obama that were incredibly disrespectful of our soldiers.

The email was sent by a local retired military man to his entire addressbook, which included a large number of other retired military folks.

Problem is, the email was a lie from start to finish.

This is another example of a smear email campaign that takes a grain of truth and builds a new and false reality around it.

If you actually go to the snopes web-site or other fact check web sites, you'll find that there is no evidence that Obama ever uttered the vicious quotes attributed to him in this email. Those quotes instead came from a comic parody written and performed by a conservative comedian.

The non-quotation parts of the email were also false - or more accurately, are blatant lies.

What someone on the president's budget committee actually proposed was that the military bill soldier's existing private health insurers for the health care the military provides to soldiers (saving the Federal Government $540 million a year). It was a dumb proposal that was quickly put in the trash. In reality, no one ever proposed the ridiculously sinister plan outlined in the email.

With our country facing so many challenges, it's heart breaking to think someone takes the time to concoct such a vicious bundle of lies, and then emails them around the country. Scarier yet, is that there are so many people so eager to believe such stuff.

The day ofter I got this email, I got another one claiming that Obama's America is just like Germany as the Nazis were taking over.

I meet so many people who believe these emails and build their political views around them, I'm afraid for our country.

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